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Money Mindset Coach

Your money mindset is how you think about money and the way it works in this world. It influences how you save, spend and manage debt. It affects your ability to achieve your goals, the choices you make and how you overcome challenges. The quality of your money mindset determines the quality of your life.


My job is to work with you to uncover and clear inner blocks to wealth and success, so we can create within you the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth.

"Courage starts with showing up
and letting ourselves be seen."
Brené Brown
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Puja Dada

Puja has x-ray vision for seeing the fear and limiting beliefs that keep heart-centred women limited in their money and personal power. As a Money Mindset Coach, Puja delivers high-impact transformation that clears the inner blocks to wealth and success, creating the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth.


Specialising in the inner transformation that creates outer wealth and success, she brings this transformational work to women helping them to unleash their inner power.


Imagine being able to finally set money goals and get going after them enthusiastically because you trust in the possibility of receiving more.

Create a bigger vision for what you want and can receive in life.

Claim bold confidence and find new purpose to guide you in your life.

Have tools and techniques to support you in moments of crisis and struggle.

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This program is for heart-centred women who are ready to take charge of their money story and embrace radical confidence around money.


Stop procrastinating and take action towards your goals.

Pink Dust

Karin Ball

"Working with Puja was an eye opening experience where I had some big Ah Ha moments especially around how our own various emotional states and beliefs are connected to different types of money. Clearing this with EFT is very powerful, healing and effective. Puja is extremely skilled at what she does and she is clear, dynamic, competent on what she delivers. I am very grateful for this new found awareness thanks to Puja."


“I wanted to share with you, the sessions we did in 2020, I took the book out to look at the work -
tapping on belief with wealth.
It’s coming true and I kid you not. So that was a good investment indeed. Thank You.”


“Puja I’m promoted! Yes!
Thank you for your support and walking with me on this journey. For your reminders that I’m always good enough, that I deserve it. I am beyond grateful for your coaching. It has a deep impact on my life. Thank You!”
I worked with Puja to help to gain a better understanding of my view of money and spending. I walked away with a deeper understanding of my own beliefs and relationship with money. Through Puja's guidance I now understand where certain limiting ideas come from and what I need to address to move through these setbacks. The sessions were a space that I felt safe in to reflect and looking at money in the categories that were suggested helped breakdown further that money is not a blanket concept and coming at it from various angles helped understand the setbacks even deeper. Working with Puja will help you understand what it is that is causing you to hold back from achieving your money and earning goals. 


Book Your FREE Discovery Call

Your journey to Financial Freedom begins with this call.

No obligations. No fees. Just an opportunity to change your money mindset.

And your life.


Have you been subconsciously programmed to limit your capacity to earn and accumulate wealth? 

It is important to identify the paradigms that have created your “setpoint” for money and clear them, if not, like the thermostat, these early paradigms will work against your money. You can do all the different stuff, but by the end of the year, you figure out that you earned exactly the same amount of money. Or that you earned more but something will happen, something catastrophic or unexpected or you self-sabotage. The point is you end up with the sum of money that matched your paradigm.

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