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The Women's

Money Mindset, Abundance, & Empowerment Coach

I work with women who desire reaching their income goals but resist showing up in their most confident and brilliant selves. I focus on uncovering and clearing inner blocks to wealth and success so that we can create within you the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth.

"Courage starts with showing up
and letting ourselves be seen."
Brené Brown
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Puja Dada

Puja has x-ray vision for seeing the fear and limiting beliefs that keep success minded women limited in their money and personal power. As a Money Mindset Coach, Puja delivers high-impact transformation that clears the inner blocks to wealth and success, creating the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth.


Specialising in the inner transformation that creates outer wealth and success, she brings this transformational work to women helping them to unleash their inner power. Puja is a certified "Tapping into Wealth" coach. She uses this very programme to step into her power and create the life that she wants.


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Our Programs

Your FREE 60-Minute

Clarity Call

If you're not sure which of my coaching programs and workshops will work best for you, here's how we find out...together.

This call alone could give you clarity and get you unstuck.

It's an absolute "you've-got-nothing-to-lose" offer.



Money Mindset

Personal Coaching

Do you find yourself working hard but just not getting ahead or being recognised?

Do you find that no matter what you do, you cannot increase your income and savings? 

Discover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you financially stuck, stagnant and small.



The Money Map


What if I told you that you’re carrying hidden programming that is specifically blocking your money and your wealth? Something that's literally setting the level of your income, your savings, and the amount of debt you have in your life?

Clear your biggest money blocks that are stopping you from earning and creating wealth at this 1-day retreat.



Have you been subconsciously programmed to limit your capacity to earn and accumulate wealth? 

It is important to identify the paradigms that have created your “setpoint” for money and clear them, if not, like the thermostat, these early paradigms will work against your money. You can do all the different stuff, but by the end of the year, you figure out that you earned exactly the same amount of money. Or that you earned more but something will happen, something catastrophic or unexpected or you self-sabotage. The point is you end up with the sum of money that matched your paradigm.