Puja Dada

Hi, I am so glad you are here.

It is my passion to help women struggling with self- doubt and feeling stuck. I have been there. I had been working hard but just not getting ahead. I was tired, jaded and discontented. I knew there was more—more to achieve, more in me and yet I did not know what was holding me back. I felt strong and weak at the same time. I knew I had the “brains and the smarts” but I just could not believe in the possibilities for myself.


I love taking women by the hand and showing them how to have more confidence in themselves and all they have to offer, feel deserving of praise, love and money. I was the poster child for feeling “not good enough” and always trying to prove my worth. So, I know exactly what it is like to play small to allow others to feel more comfortable, not to rock the boat and watch time go by, time I can never get back.

I created Women In Form to empower women in all areas of their lives.

I start this journey with Women In Form with a woman’s relationship with money. Ultimately, our stories about money are our stories about how we live our lives. How hard I need to work for that money? What do I value? What will I spend on? Do I deserve this? Am I worth this? Am I good enough? Who am I to do this?  Uncovering and clearing these beliefs about money will uncover and clear beliefs of ourselves and how we live. This allows women to step forward with confidence and declare their truth.


It would be my pleasure and honour to journey with you as you get clarity on your limiting beliefs and clear them. I can’t wait for you to get unstuck and unleash that inner power.