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The Only Limits to Your Income & Wealth Goals Are Those in Your Mind.

Even before the infamous glass ceiling, many women have another barrier - an internal one - that keeps them from earning and accumulating the kind of wealth they dare only dream about.

Money Money Money

Must be funny

in a rich man’s world

Money Money Money

Always sunny

In the rich man’s world

All the things I could do

If I had a little money

It’s a rich man’s world

The above are lyrics from an Abba song but all of us at some time would have fascinated about all we could do with a “little money”. What are your thoughts about money? What does money mean to you? Many of us do not really think about our relationship with money. Jen Sincero, author of “You are Badass at making money” suggests that one of the best ways to find out how you truly feel about money is to write a letter to it as if it were a person. I personally found it to be an exercise that shifted my perspective about how I viewed and treated money. It also showed me my disrespect for it. This is what my letter to my friend Money sounded like. She was a friend that I loved having, she made me feel safe but I was embarrassed by wanting and needing her. I wanted the things she gave me but then I hated her for it. I told people she was not very important to me. Other things were more important and that I could live without her. I wanted her but I felt ashamed of the people she kept company with. I pushed her away and then felt betrayed when she did not come to me.

Now you tell me, if you were Money, would you want a friend like me? I invite you to write that letter for yourself and see what it brings to the forefront about your relationship with money. Whatever that comes up in that letter are your beliefs about yourself, money, rich people, poor people, how hard one needs to work, who works hard, who are good people etc. So, from this simple exercise, you can see we all have our little stories about money. It is important to find out your inner programming around money and then clear it and change the story.

Why do you need to clear this inner programming or change the story? This hidden inner programming is blocking your money and wealth. It is literally setting your level of income, savings and the amount of debt you have in your life. Many of you would be familiar with the mind and body connection. I would like to suggest that there is a mind, body, emotional and money connection. In a process that I do called Money Map, you will be able to plot how your money is specifically mapped out in your nervous system. It is how you respond to the different types of money with your feelings and thoughts. These feelings and thoughts have settled into your body. Most of us are not even aware that they are there.

What happens with these thoughts and feelings sitting there? They create something called a “setpoint” in your money. Let me use the analogy of a thermostat to explain it. The thermostat controls the heating and cooling in the house. Once you set it to a certain level, it controls the heat and keeps it at that level. This is exactly what is happening with your money. You have set it at a certain level (based on your feelings and beliefs) unconsciously and unconscious mind programming is controlling things through your actions, behaviors, beliefs, thinking and your nervous system to keep you at a certain number.

For a thermostat, if it gets too hot in your house, it will shut the heat completely down, so the temperature gets back to a set level.

It is important to identify the paradigms that have created your “setpoint” for money and clear them, if not, like the thermostat, these early paradigms will work against your money. You can do all the different stuff, but by the end of the year, you figure out that you earned exactly the same amount of money. Or that you earned more but something will happen, something catastrophic or unexpected or you self-sabotage. The point is you end up with the sum of money that matched your paradigm.

The setpoint keeps you exactly where you are and will get extremely active to stop you from going further. It does it in two ways. One is it stops you by either continually limiting you so you never get above or secondly, every time you go above, it comes up to sabotage, it stops you from getting above the paradigm.

Setpoints are not only for earning money. We have a setpoint for how worthy and deserving we are of the money. In other words, how hard, one needs to work hard for the money. Many people do not set big goals. Setting big goals needs us to step out of our set beliefs in terms of how much one can earn, how hard one need to work, and this can trigger our currently programmed worthy and deserving setpoints.

Thus, you can see how important it is to clear these limiting beliefs because they are holding you back from living your best life. You can read the best financial books but if you do not believe that you can do it, or deserve it or it is possible, it is an uphill task to achieve your goals.

How do we clear these limiting beliefs and live our best lives? I do this in my coaching program with a comprehensive step-by-step process to let go of the subconscious money programming. In all the processes/ modules, there is first clarity. Each session gives you clarity as to the true reason you and your money are not where you want it to be. Next, we focus on result- based transformation. We are not just talking but shifting your inner perspective. And lastly, each session unleashes your inner power as it activates your energy, excitement and inner power to go after your income goals.

Do sign up for my free talk on “Supercharge your Income with an Outrageous goal”.

I will also be doing a one-day retreat on “Clearing the biggest money Blocks stopping you from Earning and Creating wealth”. This is a powerful retreat to get a personalized and confidential Money Map which is a complete and far-reaching overview of your entire Money picture revealing exactly what needs to be cleared and why.

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