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How to Clear the Biggest Money Blocks Stopping

You from Earning and Creating Wealth


The Money Mindset

Healing Shift

This is for you if you want to understand and heal your relationship with money.


In this shift, you will understand how your family paradigm and unconscious stuff – emotions, inner rules and your nervous system – have really created your life and money with limitation. Once you see this, you are ready to make conscious choices. You are ready to start a new relationship with money--a relationship which will allow you to receive money and set big goals for yourself. This shift will help you feel free from your past, giving you a sense of a relief, calm, feeling centered and filled with self compassion.


The Money Mindset

Dealing with Trauma

This is for you if you have had past events in money or goals that have left you feeling less resourceful and trusting yourself less. (And the truth is all of us have had at least one of them!)


This shift will allow you to clear these traumas and bring the trust and belief that you lost back into your life. It will allow you to be your most resourceful and brilliant self when it come to earning money.


The Money Mindset

Belief & Possibility Shift

This is for you if you want to set big goals for yourself and go after them with enthusiasm.


In this shift, you will understand how setting goals can both inspire action and trigger unconscious resistance and fear. You will understand the roots of your procrastination and move from overwhelm to brilliance.


You will feel open, curious, inspired, trusting in possibility of bigger, better things.


The Money Mindset

Empowerment Shift

This is for you if you have been playing small, lacking confidence, not valuing your own strengths and putting yourself down.


In this shift, you will understand who you really are, your true gifts and sources of power and how you block your own power. You will see how moving your emotions liberates the energy, desire and passion you need to take bigger action. And how guilt, self-doubt and self- criticism turn into destructive procrastination and sabotage cycles.


You will feel your inner value, a new confidence, enthusiastic, real connected willingness to take risks and shine, excited to speak and act in new ways.


The Money Mindset

Action & Uplevelling Shift

This is for you if you always either procrastinate, give up or sabotage just as things are looking up.


You will understand how you self-defeat and self-sabotage in old patterns when trying to accomplish something big. You will learn new ways of staying in “inspired action” energy zone consistently. You will discover how showing up big requires inner work, support and accountability as the key to going further and faster.


You will feel accomplished, rewarded, validated, fearless, important, celebratory, masterful, charged up and ready for more.

How To Pick Your Module(s)

You may choose to embark on this very personal, very confidential journey in it's entirety or by module.

The FREE 60-minute Clarity Call will help you figure out which approach will benefit you most.

Sessions are conducted at your convenience - anywhere, anytime - online via ZOOM.

Coaching fees depend on which module(s) you embark on,

with discounted fees offered for the entire 5-module package.