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The 1-Day Money Map Retreat

How to Clear the Biggest Money Blocks Stopping

You from Earning and Creating Wealth

Do you find yourself earning less for doing the same or more work?

Do you find yourself not getting the promotion or recognition?


Do you find yourself working very hard for your money?

(Perhaps at the expense of your Health or Relationships?)

What if I told you that you’re carrying hidden programming that is specifically blocking your money and your wealth, which is literally setting the level of your income, your savings, and the amount of debt you have in your life?


Would you want us to uncover that?

Would you want to see what’s in there?

In this 1 day retreat, you will get to create your Personalized Confidential Money Map. In this Money Map, plot how your money is specifically mapped out, literally in your nervous system. You will uncover the five categories of money and become totally clear about the emotions and programming attached to each. You will have major AHA moments that give you complete and far-reaching overview of every aspect and block in your money picture. Receive a special handout to capture your personal money map.


You will also receive a personalized “Tapping Technique” guide to continue clearing the blocks you uncovered during this diagnosis process. Spend the afternoon clearing all the blocks on a hands-on session. Start clearing all the blocks and leave energized, motivated and enthusiastic.


Let go of euphemisms for money like “abundance” and “prosperity” because sometimes these euphemisms prevent us from honestly looking at our relationship with money.  Recognize how money shapes all aspects of life and take back the power and consciousness to finally change what isn’t serving you.